Nothing beats a quick and tasty trail lunch that you can throw together in a couple of minutes; perhaps whist sitting in a canoe, taking a break on the side of a mountain, or even enjoying at a trailside picnic lunch break.   I have been obsessed with buffalo chicken this summer and wanted to translate that flavor into a trail meal.  Enter: Starkist Chicken Creations.

I saw a commercial for this new item a few months ago and I instantly knew this was my ticket to my backcountry lunch dreams.    I’m not a fan of tuna, even the fancy flavored and spiced variety, so when I saw that Starkist was doing something similar for chicken, I was pleasantly surprised. Disclaimer ! I have no affiliation with Starkist, all opinions are straight from my taste buds and my happy tummy.

They offer three different flavors of the Chicken Creations.  Ginger Soy, Zesty Lemon Pepper, Chicken Salad and Bold Buffalo Style.  I went online to their website to find where I could buy these locally, as I’ve not seem them everywhere.  Check out this link to find out where you can find them near you. 

I’ve only tried the Bold Buffalo and it was a huge win.  I’m excited to see what else I can make with them: think buffalo quesadillas?  buffalo chicken pizza. YUM.

Without further ado, here is a super easy trail lunch with a bang of flavor and a bit of heat!  Fresh veggies on the wraps make this feel like a fresh lunch; a real treat a couple days in on the trail.


  • Starkist Chicken Creations Bold Buffalo
    • As many packages of chicken creations bold buffalo as you can eat.  One package makes about enough for one wrap.
  • Wraps.
    •  My favorite are La Banderita variety. 
  • Celery and Carrot sticks:
    •  These keep very well on the trail,  I pre cut mine, wrapped in a paper towels and stored in a ziploc bag.  I kept them as cool as possible for a couple of days and on the morning I knew I would eat them, I put a little water in the ziploc to bring them back to life. If you brought them in without cutting first, they may last longer.  Just pop them in clean water before slicing to bring them back to life. 
  • Ranch (or Blue Cheese) Dressing Packets
    • Save your extras from fast food places !



  • Easy.  Put in all in a wrap and Enjoy !


Happy Trail Lunching Everybody !



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