Tired of granola bars and jerky? Craving a delicious and hearty lunch recipe that travels well in your pack?  I can’t take credit for the invention of this backpacking recipe, but it was too good not to share.  I have made these on every trip where I’ve taken people backpacking with me, and it was always a group favorite! Requested time and time again!

This could work as a hearty lunch or even dinner meal.  It’s not ultra-light but it is ultra satisfying and filling.   This isn’t just your blah-bland regular chicken salad sandwich; it is packed with extra tasty nibbles that take it to the next level and pack a nutritious punch.  And the best part is: the ingredients aren’t something you have to worry about going bad if the weather gets a bit warm.

Without further Ado:  Here is the infamous Elevated Chicken Salad Sandwich


Pitas, Shelf Stable Chicken package (1), Mayo Packets (2-4), Salt and Pepper, Dried Cranberries, Sunflower seeds.   Optional: Celery, apple, spouts etc.



Open chicken bag. Add in 2-4 packages of mayo (to your desired mayo-ness). Add in cranberries and seeds to your desired amount (a handful usually does it).  Salt and Pepper to your desired taste (go easy on the salt if the seeds are salty).  Stir. Fill Pita with the mix. Pack out your trash.

 Makes 2 fully packed pita sandwiches (enough for one hungry person or two not so hungry people).

chicken salad sand

Helpful Hints

Bread:  Pitas, wraps, regular bread. Whatever you like best. I find pita thins or sandwich thins hold up well to abuse in my pack and make for a great vessel in this recipe.  Good old-fashioned wraps are also a solid choice.
Shelf stable chicken:  Bagged chicken is easy to use. Avoid the can to save on weight.  My local Walmart and Kroger has foil pouches of shelf stable chicken breast that is tasty. Bonus that you can mix up the chicken right in the bag.
Shelf Stable individual Mayo packets:  Make sure you get the non refrigerated individual packs. You can usually get these from fast food places. Mayo that is opened and floating around your pack in warm weather is not safe to eat. Be warned.
S and P: Can be found at fast food places.
Dried Cranberries and Sunflower seeds:  Make a great combo of tart and salty crunch in your sandwich.  Add as much or little as you like.  Repackage what you need in your own ziplock before you leave for your hike to save on garbage and space.
Optional packs ins:  AppleCelery/Alfalfa Sprouts or other veggies are a great addition to your sandwich if you are having a day-hike lunch or hiking in cold weather where these would not go bad. Use your own good judgement.

Prepare and Enjoy 🙂 And remember, a well fed hiker is a happy hiker. 

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